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Code of Conduct

This code of conduct establishes the universal conducts to be complied and implemented for all executives and staffs of Ikeda Corporation in order to conduct the corporate activities.

1.Compliance with All Laws and Ordinances
As a member of society, we shall comply with all laws and ordinances . We shall keep good manners, adhere to social norms and ethics, and conduct corporate activity sensibly.
2.Respect for Human Rights
We shall respect basic human rights and diversity of individuals, and give consideration to the differences of countries and regions such as cultures, customs, languages and so on.
We shall not discriminate against individual characteristics including race, creed, skin color, sex, ages, religion, nationality, ethnic, language, physical characteristic, disability, property, birth. Furthermore, we shall not conduct any behavior or express any opinion to be possibly considered as harassment.
3.Environmental Preservation
We shall full comply with environmental laws and company regulations currently applied to each country and strive to preserve the environment.
In all corporate activities, we shall strive to reduce the environmental stress including resource- saving, energy saving and waste reduction in terms of global environmental protection and contribute to the realization of sustainable society.
4.Improvement of Work Environment
We shall establish the human resource system that diverse human resources are able to fully perform individual capability without any discrimination, seek equality of opportunity and realize the safe and healthy work environment.
5.Gaining the Trust from Customers
As our mission is “keep providing richness to customers”, we shall provide appropriate protection and management toward the crucial information including customer information as well as providing products, service and right information which fulfil the needs of customers as the specialist to handle various products supporting the qualitative improvement of life.
6.Mutual Development with Business Partners
With “ contribution to the wellness of all customers” keeping in mind, we shall regard “ Business attitude with the principle of solidity” as our corporate attitude, keep earning the trust and credibility from business partners and attempt mutual development as the coordinator to connect people. Furthermore, we shall always conduct business followed by rules.
7.Regional Coexistence
As a member of international society, we shall take good care of our regions and keep the good relationship. We shall positively interact and communicate with people at local community and try to receive the correct acknowledgement and understanding toward our business activity.
8.Understanding and Support from Investors and Funders
Through fair and transparent operation, we shall strive to gain understanding and support from investors and providers of business fund.
9.Sound Relationship with Politics and Administration
We shall strive to maintain sound and appropriate relationship with politics and Administration, and conduct fair business activity.
10.Handling of Antisocial Forces
We shall never provide any profit to antisocial forces, and never involve antisocial forces.
We shall also strongly refuse any illegal and unreasonable demand from antisocial forces.


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