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CSR Policy

We, as IKEDA CORPORATION, shall strive to establish the trustful relationship with stakeholders by deepening mutual understanding through the communication with crucial stakeholders including business partners, employees, local society, shareholders, and fund providers. As for the themes to be focused on regarding the CSR activity, we shall pursue the following 4 items;

In order to encourage the related legal compliance not only for domestic but also overseas and prevent any misconduct, we shall pursue the further strengthening of risk management and compliance.
All of employees shall conduct daily sales activities and works according the “Code of Conduct by IKEDA CORPORATION”
Furthermore, we shall never have any relationship with antisocial forces considered to pose a threat to social order and safety of civil society.
2.Human Rights and Labor
We shall respect human rights, prohibit discrimination and harassment due to race, ethnicity, policy, religion and other elements, correctly understand human right issues, respect culture, custom and languages of each country and region, stipulate and comply with the harmony of international and local community.
Also, we shall improve working environment to create comfortable working place by taking into the consideration of health and safety, and aim to realize the work style for improving ability of each personnel and respecting diversity, personality and individuality.
We shall fully comply with regulation and rules concerning labor conditions, industrial safety and health ,and actively pursue the creation of good work environment and policies such as optimization of working hours.
3.Reduction of Environmental Burden
As the reduction of environmental burden is set as goal, we shall strive for energy saving, resource saving, waste reduction, reduction of harmful substance, and so on.
4.Sustainable Material Procurement
Under the policy that we always contact people with fair and equal position, we consider our suppliers and clients as business partners to work together.We deepen mutual understanding through close information and opinion exchange, and take collaboration system.
Along with striving for stable supply of raw material and services, we shall also take appropriate actions to supply them even at unforeseen circumstances.
Furthermore, we shall strive to improve the quality constantly as well as maintaining the required quality.
We shall comply with regulations and standards related to product safety and management of hazardous chemical substances, and strive to secure the health and safety of product users and consumers.
2019 ecovadis CSR Rating BRONZE


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