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Ikeda’s cosmetics product department has a long history and many abundant experiences on Make-up products, especially for liquid eyeliner pen, of which we are a pioneer in the cosmetics field.
Therefore, we are able to offer various and interesting products which you demand.
We would like to develop new Make-up products collaborating with you as your best partner.

We introduce the examples of our various finished products.

Liquid Eye Liner Pen Metal Case

Liquid Eye Liner Pen Metal Case <Refillable>

SizeФ 9.2mm×L 125mm

  • Use : eyeliner, eyebrow, lip liner
  • Characteristics : economical to use. (all-in one refill with fine felt nib)

Liquid Eye Liner Pen PAT.JPN PAT.P EU

Liquid Eye Liner Pen <Super Fine Brush> PAT.JPN PAT.P EU

SizeФ 9.0mm×L 125.0mm
Content 0.5~0.8cc

  • Use : eyeliner, eyebrow, lip liner
  • Characteristics : slim brush nib. able to draw sharpest eye lines in the world.

Make-up corrector pen

Make-up corrector pen

SizeФ 9.0mm×L 125.0mm
Content ~1.5cc

  • Use : corrector pen
  • Characteristics : Easy to correct eye lines. Convenient to carry

Concerler Pen

Concerler Pen

SizeФ 14.0mm×L 91.0mm
Content ~2.0cc

  • Use : concealer, lip gloss, cheek, highlight, shadow
  • Characteristics : convenient to carry and easy to use.

Moreover, we can offer the following products.
Slim metal eyeliner pen ; the slimmest body in the world and easy to draw sharp eye line.
(body size : φ 7.1mm×L 125mm)
Brush nib type eyeliner pen, Nylon nib type eyeliner pen, Porous nib type eyeliner pen : you can choose your favorite nib from many nibs which we have.

We are looking forward to contacting from you.


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